Non Ferrous Casting Foundry

Non Ferrous Casting Foundry
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Non Ferrous Casting Foundry

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Brass Bronze Copper Casting

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Non Ferrous Casting foundry | Brass Bronze Copper Casting

  • Brass sand casting bronze sand casting gunmetal sand casting and Sand castings to commercial or government specifications.
  • Squeezer machine/floor molding.
  • Shell/Co2 cores.  for Metal casting
  • Electric induction melting.
  • We will quote any brass, bronze or aluminum sand cast alloy.
  • Currently we cast and melt following Copper and non ferrous alloys
Red Brass C83450
Bronze C90300 (225)
C90500 (210)
C92200 (245)
Manganese Bronze C86500 (421)
C86200 (423)
C86300 (424)
Aluminum Bronze C95400 (415-9C)
C95500 (415-90)
Silicon Bronze C87610
Yellow Brass C85700 (405)
No Lead Brass C89833